About Ben

“Let’s not talk about me, let’s talk about you … or cycling, or the fantastic crazy weather we’re experiencing, or where to find the best coffee in Melbourne,” is Ben’s preferred response when prodded to talk about himself. Ben’s not one to brag about his 20 years experience covering some of the biggest events in Australia’s history. Or the times he photographed Charlize Theron, Miranda Kerr, or Russell Brand. When a story is unravelling, Ben comes to life, capturing every detail and emotion, to record that moment in time. When beauty is presented, Ben makes the best use of available light to show off colours, texture, personality and lines. He’ll climb ladders, crawl commando style, and wade through water to find the right angle. A full-time photojournalist for the Melbourne Herald Sun and mX, from 1994 – 2012, Ben has captured the best and worst of society, on film and digital photography. With a love of people and parties, Ben started shooting weddings in 2004. Having proven to himself and his ever-growing portfolio of happy couples, that this is not just something he loves but excels at, Ben is now focussing full-time on telling the happiest of all stories – “The Wedding Day”. Ben is a member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association. 296C7871